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Limited Liability Company "OOO "V POGRUZHENII"

Address: 119019, Russia, Moscow, ul. Vozdvizhenka, 7/6, bldg. 1

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Yakutia is located in Northern-East Siberia and has an area equivalent to 5 times the French territory. With nearly a million inhabitants, a quarter of which is concentrated in the capital Yakutsk, it is one of the least populated territories in the world. The local population has its own culture, centered around the Yakut horse, sacred in their beliefs. The Yakut horse is endemic to the region and survives at temperatures down to -70°C, it is also an essential food source to survive where nothing grows. Respectful of nature and venerating a dozen of gods representing the elements, the Yakuts have a special relationship to their environment, which, more than elsewhere, impact their way of life.

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