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Newsletter n°8 C новым годом!

Immersion in Russia wishes you a wonderful year 2020!

2020 begins, Northern lights illuminate the dark nights of the Kola Peninsula, the ice of Lake Baikal thickens day after day, new year's celebrations feed the hearts of Russians with joy, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are shining brightly, Russia is entering the new decade more welcoming than ever.

It is time to venture in the regions sublimated by winter. In a context of global warming and increasing tourism, do not miss the opportunity to admire regions, which landscapes are going to be impacted and which authentic charm will vanish in the upcoming years.

Novelty: Our Destinations

You can now see all of our destinations by clicking here. Each destination has its own page, which lists our organized trips. The idea is to make it easier for you to contact us for tailor-made travel requests in the heart of Russia.

Winter immersion in Baikal: Last minute offer

Departure by trans-Siberian from Moscow to reach Lake Baikal with your guide who is also a Russian teacher, then discover the frozen lake and the populations living on both coasts, mixing Orthodox, Shamanic and Buddhist traditions. The departure is guaranteed on March 2nd.

You can benefit from of our last minute offer: 

15% discount on the 2nd person in the same booking!

Goal: Northern Lights

Until the beginning of May you can come and admire the northern lights, a natural phenomenon coloring the night from green to pink and link your adventure with an immersion in the far north of Russia, visiting a fishing village on the shores of the Arctic Ocean or a husky and reindeer farm lost in the tundra. Do not hesitate to send us your personalized requests on your dates!

From Trans-Siberian with love

Do you want to go in winter or summer on a Trans-Siberian trip to conquer Siberia or even further towards Vladivostok? You can have a look at our 14-day program stopping by 4 iconic spots on the way to this legendary railway and tell us what you want. We also give you the opportunity to enhance your experience by offering you to travel with a dynamic and cultivated Russian teacher allowing you to learn while traveling and to interact with the locals during your trip.


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