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Immersion in a Russian Tale

Добрый день, товарищи ! Hello friends!

This week, IIR presents you its unique programme "Immersion in a Russian Izba", that will take you for a linguistic and cultural adventure in the heart of Russia. Join us for this journey back in time to discover a unique architecture, Russian lifestyle, and traditions from the countryside at the time of Tsars!

You are willing to learn or practice the Russian language without spending hours sitting in a classroom? You dream to discover Russia through another angle, outside of the mainstream Moscow and Saint Petersburg? You would like to add on top of that activities in the nature and some fresh air? Well, this programme is for you! 

We propose you a six days linguistic journey in an authentic Russian Izba, lost in the forest in the region of Kostroma, 550 km away from Moscow. This fairy-tale like house was built at the end of the XIXth century by a rich peasant so he could win the heart of his loved one. Following the soviet revolution, the place was taken away from his owner, and the mansion was transformed into a cultural center for soviet propaganda. Then, after the last inhabitants of the region left for the city in the 1970's, the mansion and the village fell into ruin. The nature slowly took over the remaining izbas... until early 2010's, when a mysterious benefactor fell in love with the place and decided to invest enough money to renovate the Izba alike. The work they made is astonishing as they strictly followed the style and techniques from the time to be as loyal as they could to the mansion's history. 

Today, this place has become a unique guest house, with its own restaurant of Russian gastronomy managed by a group of dynamic young Russians who also fell in love with the place. A museum is dedicated to the daily life of inhabitants of this region, before the soviet revolution, such as craftsmen and merchants. They store a unique collection of artefacts that would be hard to find anywhere else. Regarding the activities, they propose quads and canoe trips in summer, snow mobile, cross-country skiing, and sled dog in the winter, as well as a traditional Russian Banya. The forest surrounding the place is mysterious and hides a big variety of wild animals, as well as some small hidden villages, churches and monasteries. 10 km away, you can reach the village of Choukloma and its lake, to enjoy even further this unique immersion. 

Поехали !

*** This programme includes:

- Train tickets both ways from Moscow

- 10 hours of Russian classes by a certified Russian teacher.

- All activities mentioned within the programme. Other additional activities are also available such as snow mobile, quads, etc.) 

- Accommodation, transfers and meals

- Invitation letter for the visa 

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