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I arrived in Russia to take part in FIFA World Cup just after spending 6 months in Brazil. It’s there during my beautiful journey where I’ve started thinking about making videos telling about such a big event that my own country was about to host.

Imagine how excited I was after getting a proposal from one Brazilian media to work for them during the World Cup. At the same time I was selected to be an IT volunteer on the stadium Luzhniki (the main arena of Moscow where the opening match, the highlight game Mexico-Germany, the semifinal and the final took place).

I had a volunteer shift every second day which meant that I had to be on the stadium on these days for 8 hours minimum. So on the one hand I could use this occasion by filming the area and surroundings for my blog, but on the other hand I had other duties so it was kind of challenging. But I would give a lot to have one more opportunity like this in my life. Without volunteering I couldn’t have seen games so close. Without blogging I couldn’t have seen that “inside part” of the World Cup by interviewing fans, filming fan festivals stadiums, bars and streets. I couldn’t have met all the brilliant people I know now.

Talking about the hole event - I have never seen my country and its people like this before. Everybody and everyone was smiling at one another and could feel the atmosphere of unity, joy, friendship and hospitality in the air. There were no borders such as politics, religion, language or culture - only the one great event which has united people all over the world. From the very first days Argentinians occupied the main fan street Nikolskaya putting their flags on the foresides (yes, it seemed so surreal). Mexicans were everywhere too singing « Cielito lindo». And I was so happy to see Russians interacting with all of them, talking, taking pics, singing, dancing and drinking. I know that there is a stereotype about us abroad that we Russians are cold and unfriendly, but I really hope those fans who came to Russia have changed their minds about us and will definitely come back one day. We really miss you, guys.


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