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Crowdfunding Campaign

Dear friends, 

We started our crowdfunding campaign, and here we explain what you need to know about it.



The goal of this campaign is to broadcast our company to a broader audience in order to collect funds and launch our trips to Altai, Arctic Ocean, Vladivostok, and in a second time to Uzbekistan, and even Baikonur to attend the launch of a rocket to space. To be frank with you, our long-term goal is to design absolute immersions, which will allow you to live like a Siberian hunter, share the daily life of a fisherman on the Volga River, spend some time with reindeer herders, or cross the plains of Altai and Mongolia on horses. All of these, following our core values: 1. A transportation both authentic and ecological.  2. A program focusing on meeting and sharing with locals. 3. A concept of learning while travelling. 


We are proposing you several presents in exchange of your support, here is the list:From 1 euro: 5% discount on our tours  From 20 euros: 10% discount on our toursFrom 40 euros: Gagarine-Shirt and 10% reduction on our toursFrom 60 euros: a shapka and 10% reduction on our toursFrom 100 euros: 2 hours of Russian classes with a cool Russian teacher  From 400 euros: 115g of Siberian CaviarFrom 700 euros: A 6 days full-board trip to Saint-Petersburg in June 2020 for the white nights with Immersion in Russia’s team.  We are counting on you to help us in this path, and participate in the creation of a bridge between Russia and the rest of the world!

How is it working? 

The crowdfunding platform is called INDIEGOGO, it is a reference in the sector and absolutely secured so you do not need to worry about putting your personal information. In order to participate you just have to select the reward you want or to click on the pink button "Back it" and select the amount you wish. 

If you have any question regarding the crowdfunding page, do not hesitate to ask us.

Regardless, the tours we are currently proposing on our website are already fully available.

Thank you,

Immersion in Russia's team

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