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Barents Sea, Murmansk Oblast, Russia

✵Barents Sea, Murmansk Oblast, Russia 🦀 ✵Баренцево море, Мурманская об., Россия 🐋 ✵Mer de Barents, Région de Mourmansk, Russie 🇷🇺 Are you amazed by these landscapes as we are? 😁😍 Then, a trip to the Kola Peninsula should definitely be on your list ! And if you're lucky enough, you may even catch the Northern Lights until April ! . 🌊 The Barents Sea is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean. It is located north of Norway and Russia. It was called the Murman Sea in the Middle Ages. The new name is from the Dutch navigator Willem Barents. It is a rather deep shelf sea. The average depth is 230 m and maximum depth is about 600 m. It is bordered by the Norwegian Sea in the west, the islands of Svalbard (Norway) in the northwest, and the islands of Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya in the northeast and east. Novaya Zemlya separates the Kara Sea from the Barents Sea. A lot of fossil fuel energy resources are in the Barents Sea area. ⠀ ❄️ The southern half of the Barents Sea stays ice-free year round due to the warmth brought by the North Atlantic drift. This includes the ports of Murmansk in Russia and Vardø in Norway. In September, the entire Barents Sea is mostly ice-free. Until the end of the Winter War, Finland's territories reached the Barents Sea. This made the harbor at Petsamo Finland's only ice-free winter harbor.

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