RUssian Far North

2 days

Russian Far North

Take a break in the Kola Peninsula to enjoy the wild! You will depart from Saint Petersburg by train to cross the Polar Circle and reach Murmansk, the Hero-City in the north, with its fleet of nuclear ice-breakers and a glorious history during war time. The region is home to Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon turning the sky from green to pink which rewards adventurers brave enough to look for them. There, you can meet with reindeers, practice dog-sledding, fish on the ice, snow-mobile on the shores of the Arctic Ocean... Murmansk region will dive you deep in the nature and the culture of the Russian far north. 



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Day 1

Departure from St. Petersburg

Meet with your guide at the train station in the afternoon & Поехали !


Settle into the sleeper wagon, enjoy a Russian toast to celebrate the beginning of the adventure, and depart to the city of Murmansk!


The train journey lasts 24 hours, a real immersion in the Russian lifestyle.

Day 2

Russian train

Train St Petersburg - Murmansk

You will spend the whole day in the traditional and very comfortable Russian train, enjoying famous Russian samovar while watching the splendid snow-covered landscapes through the windows.

The Russian train is also very pleasant to spend time reading, playing chess or card games (such as "Durak" or "Mafia"...). A little bit of vodka with smoked fish are also available for those who wish.


Arrival in Murmansk during the afternoon/evening. You will be welcomed by your local guide and he will drive you to your hotel. Then, depending on the weather forecast, you will get in the warm minivan and venture in the tundra to chase Aurora borealis. 


Northern Lights hunting

The Northern Lights are a unique phenomenon conveying extraordinary visual and emotional sensations. The sky gets covered by a green and pink light stretching in the dark. Here you can disconnect completely from your normal life.

Day 3

Teriberka village

Breakfast at the hotel


Teriberka village on the Arctic ocean 

Departure from Murmansk in the morning in direction of Teriberka (125 km).

Teriberka is a small village of the Kola Peninsula located on the shore of Barents Sea (Arctic Ocean). In this village was shot the famous film of A. Zvyagintsev called “Leviathan” which was awarded with Golden Globe Award. As shown in the film, the village is old and seems almost abandoned, but an atmosphere of pureness emerges from this place, almost lost in the wild, far from civilisation as we know it.

Cemetery of wooden ships

You will visit the famous cemetery of wooden ships.​

Northern Lights hunting

During the night you will be at one of the best spots in Russia to see the famous and splendid Northern Lights!


Overnight in Teriberka village (guest house)

Day 4

The Arctic Ocean

Breakfast at the guesthouse in front of the Arctic Ocean.


For the bravest, it will be possible to make a quick swim in the water of the Barents, a sea that never freezes ..


Frozen waterfall

On the morning, you will be driven on an snow-mobile excursion along the shores of the Arctic Ocean. You will stop by the dragon egg beach and the frozen waterfall, these are fabulous views on the Arctic Ocean. If you are very lucky, you might even see whales and orcas in the sea.


Departure to Murmansk in the afternoon


Overnight in Murmansk hotel

Day 5


Breakfast in he hotel


Sightseeing tours around the Hero City Murmansk

With its 300 00 population, Murmansk is the largest city in the world which is located in the Polar Circle. It's also the basis of the soviet Northern Fleet which became the Russian Northern Fleet in 1991. During the Soviet time, the place had the status of “closed citiy” which means that foreigners needed a special permissions or special orders to get there. After WWII Murmansk got the status of Hero-City. This military heritage can be felt at every corner and in most buildings of the city.


You will visit:

  • Alyosha monument

  • Memorial to the seamen-submariners

  • Church of the Savior-on-the-Waters


Icebreaker “Lenin”

The icebreaker "Lenin" is a fantastic piece of history and a main achievement of the soviet technology: Built in 1957, it was both the world’s first nuclear-powered surface ship and the first nuclear-powered civilian vessel, in 1959.

After being put to retirement in 1989, it has been converted into a museum, which opened to the public in 2005. Get prepared for a lot of emotions during this journey back in time, to witness the former soviet pride, and first Arctic navigation and exploration. 


Overnight in the hotel in Murmansk

Day 6

Lovorezo Lake

Breakfast at the hotel


Departure in the morning for Lovorezo Lake (2:15)


Lovozero Lake

You will arrive at a small base camp located at the edge of Lovozero Lake situated deep in the forest. This place, 160km from Murmansk, is one of the main center of Saami culture in Russia. The Saami ("Sami" or "Lopari") are the indigenous people of Murmansk region, as well as northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. They are especially known for their tradition of reindeer herding.


Lunch at the base camp.


Siberian Husky

During this day, you will meet new friends: the Siberian huskies! Huskies are very strong but also very friendly and playful with people. No doubt you will fall in love from the first hug!

You will then have a a real dog-sledding excursion around the camp and crossing a frozen lake! 

Meet with reindeers

you will have the chance to meet reindeers. This very majestic animal is typical of the Kola Peninsula and very respected in the region. You will have the opportunity to pet and feed them.

Northern Lights hunting

The base camp is like an island lost in the nature, an ideal spot to observe Northern Lights. Hopefully, the weather will be nice and you will chase these lights as much as you want.

Overnight in the base camp

Day 7

Santa's best friends

Breakfast at the base camp

Transfer back to your hotel in Murmansk or straight to the airport!

Frequently asked questions


We invite you to have a look at our blog post dedicated to this question by clicking here.

Is it possible to shorten the trip and come to Murmansk directly by plane?

Yes, you can shorten the trip and decide to begin straight in Murmansk, contact us directly if you are interested by this option.

How can I book this trip?

In order to book this trip, you simply have to click on the button "Get a quote" or "Book" and fill in a quick questionnaire, specifying your dates and the number of travelers. You can also send us directly an email at the following address: or send us a message on Whatsapp: +7 926 874 6631


From September to April, the weather can be very cold in the region, and reach -30°C. The average temperature is -8°C


We recommend you to bring warm clothes especially designed for cold. The most important parts are shoes and gloves as you will be walking in the snow with cold temperatures. Furred boots or technical shoes for cold are a must have. You can also contact us in advance and we will lend you clothes for the time of your stay in Murmansk region.


The standard offer integrates 3* or equivalent hotels so you can expect to have clean and warm rooms with a bathroom. Luxury and premium accommodations do not exist in the region yet, even though you can opt for a 4* hotel which will be a bit more comfortable. Regarding the transportation, you will be traveling in a private warm minivan.

The 2nd class of Russian trains is a 4 person compartment. It might be difficult to get on the beds above, so please let us know in advance if you prefer being on lower beds. The train is comfortable and most foreigners sleep very well, there are toilets in each wagon but no showers in every trains. You can eat in the restaurant car and meet with friendly Russian people that will be pleased to share in a drink with you!


The trip begins when you land in Saint Petersburg, directly at the train station or in a cafe which we indicate before the trip.


When meals are included, the menu is already decided in advance so we kindly ask you to tell us in advance your food allergies and preferences. For some occasions you may chose your menu on spot, it will include a drink, a main dish and a second dish (starter or dessert).

When meals are not included, we will usually lead you to a nice local restaurant we know and you can pick what you want. If you prefer another location and the other members of the group agree the location of the meal can be changed.


The trip is very easy, you will have to walk less than 3 kilometers per day but it can be cold. In any case you will always be close to a warm spot, either a hotel, restaurant or the minivan.


If the group is full at your dates, we will put you on a waiting list and propose you other options to fit your needs. 

Can Immersion in russia book additional services (flights, extensions, private tour...?

Immersion in Russia can organize the trip based on your desires. We can book you flights, modify the program, privatise the tour, add extensions, help you with the visa, etc.

what is my insurance when i travel with immersion in russia?

Immersion in Russia is a registered tour operator in the Russian Federation with an insurance of 500 000 rubles. You can check our license and insurance at the following link on the official website of the Russian Tourism Ministry.

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