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Immersion in Russia
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City Immersion

Discover Russia with a unique angle

Get an initiation to russian

Discover cities' main highlights 

Live an experience in immersion

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Immersion in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a legendary city, the capital of Tsars, a high place of culture and art, but  there is also more to it. Come discover St Petersburg in immersion, attending a classical concert, trying a traditional Russian banya, and getting an initiation to Russian. 

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Immersion in Moscow

Moscow never sleeps, Moscow never cries. The city is in constant mutation, mixing historical soviet places with new modern areas. The choc is fascinating and we invite you to feel it in a trip mixing classical highlights and original activities.  

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Russian Musical Odyssey

Astounding immersion in Russian music and legendary concert halls. Visit St. Petersburg and Moscow through the theme of classical Music. You will attend to one concert everyday, from the best composers. 

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Petersburg Musial tour

Visit St. Petersburg through classical music, attending one concert per day in the best concert halls.  

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Moscow Musical Tour

Visit Moscow through classical music, attending one concert per day in the best concert halls.