Immersion in Baikal

2 days

Moscow - Irkustk - Ulan-Ude

Lake Baikal is the deepest, most beautiful and the oldest lake in the world. There are a lots of legends associated with this mysterious place that becomes completely frozen during the winter. This ice is so thick that you can even drive across the Lake, on an area the size of Belgium.

Join us for a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway to learn Russian during the journey and then discover the frozen lake in immersion.

This is a trip of a lifetime that we are proposing you!





*Details about the price can be found in the section included






Day 1-3

Trans-Siberian Railway

The great departure

Meeting at the Moscow Yaroslavsky railway station. You will be introduced to your professional guide and Russian teacher at the railway station who will accompany you throughout your whole journey.


Boarding on the Trans-Siberian train, depart to Irkutsk.



Day 1 - 3 / mornings & afternoons

Russian classes

Everyday in the train, while enjoying across the windows the magical beauty of the Russian's countryside, a Russian native professional teacher will give you lessons of Russian. It can be only an easy initiation to the language, or a deeper practice depending on your level and your mood. 



Day 1 - 3 / evenings

Russian culture

In the evening, while drinking your tea from the famous Samovar, our guide will tell you more about the Russian culture, its rich history and strong traditions.

Day 4

Arrival in Irkutsk

City tour

Upon your arrival in Irkutsk, you will be met by your local guide who will take you for a sightseeing tour of this mythical city.


Once called the “Paris of Siberia”, Irkutsk is one of the main historical and cultural center of Siberia. You will walk through the city center and have a look at the main monuments of Irkutsk: the Church of the Saviour, the Church of the Epiphany, various old typical wooden houses, and the Angara Quay with the monument of the Tsar Alexander III who launched the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway.




Irkutsk Decembrists Museum

After the Lunch, you will visit the Museum of Decembrists where you will get acquainted with the history and life of exiled nobles, visit the famous "130th quarter" – a unique area of recreated merchant mansions and traditional Siberian architecture.



Day 5


Transfer to Listvyanka

It is a village located on the shore of Lake Baikal at the source of the Angara river. It is the only river originating from the lake among the 336 rivers that flow into it.

On the way we will visit the ethnographic open-air Museum "Taltsy". The exhibits of the museum are the original wooden buildings of the peoples of Siberia built in XVII – XIX centuries.

Lunch & check-in at the hotel​​​​​​​​

​Listvyanka village

Walking around Listvyanka, you will have a fascinating and informative excursion to the Baikal Limnological Museum. We will see aquariums with Baikal seals and other inhabitants of Baikal.
Afterwards you will take the funicular to the observation deck called "The Stone of Chersky" with a breathtaking view of the ice-bound Baikal and the source of the Angara river, which does not freeze even in the strong Siberian frost.


Day 6

Snow-Mobile Expedition


Snowmobile tour in the Russian Taiga

In the morning, you will meet with a guide and go on a snowmobile tour in the Russian Taiga around the Lake.

The route will take you to the recreation center “Priyut Staratelya” when you will have a lunch break.

You will continue further to the “Bolshiye Koty” village, which is on the shore of the Lake. On the way, you will also have the opportunity to ride your snowmobile on the frozen lake as well! The ice is 1,5 meters thick, so you don’t need to worry!

You will then come back to your hotel in Listvyanka village.


Day 7

Crossing the lake


 Crossing of the Lake

You will get to cross the lake in a hovercraft! The crossing will be from the Listvyanka village to Tankhoy on the other shore. The complete crossing lasts about 1 hour, but you will of course get the opportunity to stop by, right in the middle of the lake for some ice walking and pictures sessions!

From Tankhoy to Ulan-Ude

Upon your arrival to Tankhoy, you will be taken in charge by a minibus, which will first stop in a National Park and then arrives in Ulan-Ude, the capital city of the Republic of Buryatia, where you will have a nice dinner.

Day 8

Old traditions

Breakfast at the hotel.

Russian classes

Ivolginsky Datsan - Spiritual Capital of Buddhist Russia

A sightseeing tour for you will be held by lama datsana. In the datsan you will do a goroo, a prayer tour around datsan. You will then visit the main temple Tsogchen-Dugan.

Tarbagataï Village

A sightseeing trip will take you to visit the old believers (staroobryadtsy) of Transbaikalia in the village of Tarbagatai. You will visit the ancient Orthodox Church of Holy Christ and the museum of history and life of the old believers of Transbaikalia. There will also be a performance of a local folklore band.

Dinner (traditional cuisine of the old believers).

Day 9

Immersion in Siberia

Breakfast at the hotel.

Resting time / Practice of the Russian language


Ust-Barguzin Village

Departure to the village of Ust-Barguzin (270 km from Ulan-Ude). On the way you will visit the Baturinsky convent, the Baikal lighthouse in the village of Turka, the natural monument "Cherepakha" (“Turtle”)

Upon arrival accommodation at guest houses (in families of local residents).

You will then have the possibility to enjoy a traditional Russian Banya (bathhouse) and engage conversations with locals.

Day 10

The Ice World

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to one of the most beautiful places on Baikal – Chivyrkuysky Bay.

You will have a car excursion around the Chivyrkuisky Bay, visit the Zmeyeviy thermal spring, the islands of the bay and take excellent photos in the ice Baikal grottoes

​Under-Ice Fishing

Then we will participate in under-ice fishing by pulling Evenk fishing tackles. Under-ice fishing for grayling in a fishing Yurt camping. Brave adventurers will have a chance to swim in the hot springs of Zmeinaya Bay.

Lunch (picnic) at the fishing house in the Katun village.

Transfer back to Ust-Barguzin


Day 11

The End...

Breakfast at the hotel

Check-out at the hotel

Transfer to Ulan-Ude, and last visit of the city center with a visit of souvenir shops

Transfer to the airport

Flight from Ulan-Ude to Moscow (5 h)

Frequently asked questions


We invite you to have a look at our blog post dedicated to this question by clicking here.

How can I book this trip?

In order to book this trip, you simply have to click on the button "Get a quote" or "Book" and fill in a quick questionnaire, specifying your dates and the number of travelers. You can also send us directly an email at the following address: or send us a message on Whatsapp: +7 926 874 6631


From September to April, the weather can be very cold in the region, and reach -30°C. The average temperature is -8°C


We recommend you to bring warm clothes especially designed for cold. The most important parts are shoes and gloves as you will be walking in the snow with cold temperatures. Furred boots or technical shoes for cold are a must have. You can also contact us in advance and we will lend you clothes for the time of your stay.


The standard offer integrates 3* or equivalent hotels so you can expect to have clean and warm rooms with a bathroom. Luxury and premium accommodations do not exist in the region yet, even though you can opt for a 4* hotel which will be a bit more comfortable. Regarding the transportation, you will be traveling in a private warm minivan.

The 2nd class of Russian trains is a 4 persons compartment. It might be difficult to get in the bed above, so please let us know in advance if you prefer being on lower beds. The train is comfortable and most foreigners sleep very well, there are toilets in each wagon but no shower. You can eat in the restaurant car and meet with friendly Russians that will be pleased to share in a drink with you!


The trip begins when you land in Moscow, directly at the train station or in a cafe which we indicate before the trip.


When meals are included, the menu is already decided in advance so we kindly ask you to tell us in advance your food allergies and preferences. For some occasions you may chose your menu on spot, it will include a drink, a main dish and a second dish (starter or dessert).

When meals are not included, we will usually lead you to a nice local restaurant we know and you can pick what you want. If you prefer another location and the other members of the group agree the location of the meal can be changed.


The trip is very easy, you will have to walk less than 3 kilometers per day but it can be cold. In any case you will always be close to a warm spot, either a hotel, restaurant or the minivan.


If the group is full at your dates, we will put you on a waiting list and propose you other options to fit your needs. 

Can Immersion in russia book additional services (flights, extensions, private tour...?

Immersion in Russia can organize the trip based on your desires. We can book you flights, modify the program, privatise the tour, add extensions, help you with the visa, etc.

what is my insurance when i travel with immersion in russia?

Immersion in Russia is a registered tour operator in the Russian Federation with an insurance of 500 000 rubles. You can check our license and insurance at the following link on the official website of the Russian Tourism Ministry.

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