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Limited Liability Company "OOO "V POGRUZHENII"

Address: 119019, Russia, Moscow, ul. Vozdvizhenka, 7/6, bldg. 1

© 2020 Immersion in Russia 

About us 

10+ years experience traveling in Russia

A large network of partners

An international team understanding your needs

Immersion in Russia is a startup composed of an international team gathered by the love for traveling and meeting new people.

We are offering a new way to travel, in immersion, in a destination still largely unexplored: Russia. 


Immersive tourism, for us it is...

  • Transportation: more ecological, we love Russian trains, most of the time the Trans-Siberian which is an experience in itself.

  • Meeting with locals: share a piece of life, feel the differences but also similarities that exist with people living in a different part of the world, in a different context. 

  • Learning: Understanding his/her environment and the stakes that matter in the locations we visit and the populations we meet. 

  • Fun: We believe that fun is a big part of the journey, whether we travel very comfortably or less comfortably, there is always a lot of fun in our immersions. 

Russia is large, very large! 

Wild nature, more than 10 seas, legendary cities, fascinating culture, diverse populations, a railway longer than 9000km, 11 time zones, Russia should not scare you, but attract you! 


On top of being largely unknown by foreigners, most of the travelers in Russia visit Moscow and Saint Petersburg. We want to make you discover all of Russia! 

Our values

Immersion in Russia is a startup founded by a Russian-French team sharing the same astonishment towards the immense eurasian territory, culture, and population living there. We have a strong desire to promote tourism in these regions with respect for environment and local traditions.


That is why Immersion in Russia proposes a new way to travel. We have decided to benefit from the existing railway network, in the region, one of the longest track in the world being the Trans-Siberian railway. This type of transportation guarantees authentic travel and low impact on the environment.


We want to participate in the reduction of environmental impact that has been created by mass tourism damaging natural resources and the planet, and bring a more authentic travel in the same time, at a lower price. 


This approach led us to rethink the concept of travel where the means of transport become a part of the whole journey, a part of the fun. It allows the traveler to dive into cultures and traditions, meet with locals, and take time to observe the evolution and diversity of landscapes while moving forward.  



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Limited Liability Company "OOO "V POGRUZHENII"
Address: 119019, Russia, Moscow, ul. Vozdvizhenka, 7/6, bldg. 1